• Tilt turn 2000 x 1000 - 2
  • Tilt turn 2000 x 1000
  • Tilt turn 2000 x 1000 - 1


    These ingenious windows with their clean, simple lines are perfect for modern homes, but their real beauty is in the way they work. Controlled by a single handle, these windows can be swung open into your room. It makes cleaning the exterior surfaces easy and safe, even in a high-rise apartment. And if you have access issues, or your exterior space means that outwards opening windows are impractical, the tilt-inwards facility of these windows is the ideal answer. Optima Tilt and Turn windows are highly insulated and protect your home from the elements, year afer year, with practically no maintenance. And like everything else in the Optima range, the fnished styling is up to you.

    If you think that Tilt and Turns may not be quite right for your home, the Fully Reversible Window is a very smart alternative. This highly-specifed window contains innovative thermal-barrier technology and proven weather protection. It’s a great choice for properties with access problems as the window can be opened and fully rotated for cleaning outside your home.