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    The Beautiful Choice

    Bay and Bow windows will not only add distinction and character to a house - they add space too. The 'arc' of the Bow window offers a larger internal window ledge area, and the Bay actually extends the footprint of the room it fronts.

    A bay window is typically built as part of the house, with the window following the contour of the wall.  A bow window on the other hand, may be built retrospectivly with an underside support.  Whatever your requirements, an extensive range of styles and options means that you can create a distinctive, stylish look.

    Manufactured from the latest PVC-U technology, our windows offer improved thermal and acoustic insulation properties and with high security hardware fitted as standard, you can be assured, our Bay and Bow windows will not only improve the look of your home, they'll be safe, secure, energy efficient and easy to maintain.

    Bay Window

    What's the difference between a Bay Window & a Bow Window

    A bow window has a gentle curve, usually made up of a number of window sections of the same size.  A bow window usually doesn't have a curved or angled wall supporting it underneath, instead the host wall is usually flat, with a supporting gallows bracket under the window. 

    A bay window usually has a supporting wall underneath, so that you can walk into the protruded area inside the home.  Usually with more acute angles than a bow window, a three section bay window would perhaps have angles of between 135 and 90 degrees.