Online Quotation Software - Disclaimer & Instructions For Use


Our online quotation software should only be used as a guide.  While the item prices are correct, there are several other factors that must be taken into consideration when costing for replacement windows & doors, such as - safety glazing requirements, means of escape, as well as many others.  When used correctly the online quotation software should give you a reasonably accurate budget price, we would always recommend asking a member of our team to confirm the quoted prices for you.

Errors & Omissions Excluded

Instructions For Use

  • All measurements must be provided in millimetres
  • All prices shown include for full standard installation.  We offer reduced installation prices for new-build or renovation installations.  Please contact us for accurate costings.
  • IMPORTANT -  You must select whether you require white windows/ doors, or coloured windows/doors at the hme screen. *Although if you select white windows or doors the option becomes available to change the colour, the price shown would still be for white windows*.  If  coloured windows or doors are required, then the coloured window or door button must be selected from the outset, for the correct prices to be shown.
  • Vertical Sliding Sash Windows and Composite Doors are the only exception, as these selections will cost all colours.

Home Screen

You must first select the required product & colour option;

  • White Casement Windo... - White windows that open outwards
  • Colour Casement Wind... - Coloured windows that open outwards
  • White Tilt & Turn Wind... - White windows that tilt & open inwards
  • Colour Tilt & Turn Wind... - Coloured windows that tilt & open inwards
  • Vertical Sliding Sash - Al... - Sliding Sash Windows, All colours
  • White PVC-u Doors - PVC-u Doors, white only
  • Colour Out / White In P... - PVC-u Doors, coloured outside & white inside
  • Colour in & out PVC-u... - PVC-u Doors, coloured outside & inside
  • Composite Door - All C... - Endurance Composite Doors, All Colours
  • White Sliding Patio Door - Sliding Doors, white only
  • Colour Sliding Patio Door - Sliding Doors, coloured
  • White PVC-u Bi-folding... - PVC-u bi-fold doors in white only
  • Colour PVC-u Bi-folding... - PVC-u bi-fold doors coloured
  • Aluminium Bi-folding D... - Aluminium Bi-fold doors in standard colour options (White, Anthracite Grey, Black, Grey/White, Black/White)
  • White Flush Casements - Flush finish white windows that open outwards
  • Colour Flush Casements - Flush finish coloured windows that open outwards
Online Quotation Software Home Screen